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Without 'The Why', 'The What' Does Not Matter - Interview with Chris Beaman

In today’s podcast we’re speaking to Chris Beaman who is a software developer, product designer, growth marketer, and serial entrepreneur. Over the past 10 years, Chris has built several companies, as well as mentored dozens of early-stage founders.

A natural super connector, Chris is most passionate about introducing great people. In his current role as CEO at Astronomic, Chris is building software to connect founders with the cofounders, advisors, investors, contractors, and employees who will help them scale their companies to the moon.

One of the biggest mistakes founders make in pitching is not telling us why, why we should listen to what you have to say, and why your business matters in the world. Today Chris is sharing insights into his successful personal journey. And his why is out of this world inspiring!

You’ll learn how:

🔹 People can be shaped by their childhood experiences and how that can lead then to find their passion and their why

🔹 It’s so important to go into entrepreneurship with openness and to be able to adapt to feedback

🔹 You can take a desire to do something creative and turn it into a highly scalable, profitable business

🔹 We need as many innovators and entrepreneurs as possible

🔹 Entrepreneurship is the ultimate social cause

Curious to hear more from Chris and his inspiring why? Catch today’s episode right here.

I hope you love this episode as much as I do! Let me know what your biggest takeaways are in the comments below.

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