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Creating More Successful Entrepreneurs - Interview with Ash Maurya

Our special guest in today’s episode of If Not Now Wen is Ash Maurya. Ash is the author of two bestselling books “Running Lean” and “Scaling Lean” and is also the creator of the highly popular one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas”.

Ash is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all over the world. Driven by the search for better and faster ways for building successful products, Ash has developed a continuous innovation framework that synthesizes concepts from Lean Startup, business model design, jobs-to-be-done, and design thinking.

A leading business blogger, Ash's posts and advice have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune. He regularly hosts sold out workshops around the world and serves as a mentor to several accelerators including TechStars, MaRS, Capital Factory, and guest lecturers at several universities including MIT, Harvard, and UT Austin. Ash serves on the advisory board of a number of startups and has consulted to new and established companies.

Ash is passionate about giving back and sharing his knowledge to serve the entrepreneurial ecosystem and create more successful entrepreneurs. He is such an inspiration, and I know you are going to love this episode and get so many amazing takeaways.

We talk about:

🔹 Recognizing patterns in the start-up process

🔹 The 3 stages of the entrepreneurial journey

🔹 Early mistakes for founders to avoid

🔹 How to structure your pitch so that you can discuss pricing with ease

🔹 Defining success and the American Dream

Ash has such a transparency and self-awareness and has so much insight to share. He has such a big heart and is driven to help more people enter this profession and be successful doing it. Tune in to the full episode right here.

Connect with Ash:

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