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Stand Out from the Rest

Let’s create a world where no dreams are left unfullfilled

INNW institute founder and CEO, Wen Zhang.

Wen Zhang

Founder & CEO

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Eric Kapinus, COO of INNW institute.

Eric Kapinus


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Wen is the Founder and CEO for INNW Institute. She has a mission to empower and support founders to grow and scale their business. 

Wen succeeds in both the startup and corporate world with experience in software, hardware, service-based business models. She has experience in launching new businesses, expanding the market internationally, and scaling and managing global enterprise business. In a Fortune 500 company, she lead a $320M yearly product portfolio while managing 400 sales teams across the NA region.

She is passionate about supporting founders to grow and scale their ventures while working through their business model in addition to the pitching process in order to connect and resonate with investors and customers via pitch deck. 

Wen holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.

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Eric is the CEO of Evergreener, a goal-tracking calendar company to help individuals with their boundless potential by achieving true success in every aspect of his or her life.

Before that, Eric was Chief Operating Officer of International Accelerator, with the mission to empower and enable foreign-born entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business in the US. He is responsible for deal sourcing, deal structure, company evaluation, GTM strategy mentoring, and more. 

Eric was a project manager at HDR Engineering with a focus on engineering consulting for energy markets, publicly regulated utilities, and large infrastructure upgrades. He is also a licensed professional engineer in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, and Louisiana. 

Eric has enjoyed navigating financial markets and derivatives since 2008, and has recently transitioned into angel investing.

Eric graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelors's in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Angelos Angelou, Advisor.

Angelos Angelou

Founder & Principal Executive Officer, AngelouEconomics and Founder & CEO, International Accelerator

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Satish Kambalimath.

Satish Kambalimath

Founder and CEO at Predecir (Right Sizing Cloud Resources)

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Yuen Yung

Chief Executive Officer at Casoro Group

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Gregory Yost

Chief Executive Officer at Dynapt LLC

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Minh Tran.

Minh Tran

Development Committee at Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce

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Our Mission

Best prepare entrepreneurs to effectively communicate their business story to investors, partners, and customers.

Our Vision

Create a world where no dream is left unfulfilled. 

Corporate Responsibility

10% of all proceeds from INNW Consulting goes to the Malala fund (, which supports secondary education for girls around the world. 

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