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Pitch VIP

Build your pitch that gets YES -  In just 3 days 

Get your session ready.

  • Have a case competition next week? 

  • Got an investor lunch but not sure what to say? 

  • Don't want to work on your deck for another 3 months to get ready? 

  • Don't really know how to articulate your vision to get yes? 

  • Don't know where to start in your pitch deck? 

  • Sick of never hearing back from your investors?

The 8hour pitch deck will help you out level your competitor and get your investor-ready pitch in just 8 hours.

During the 8 Hour pitch workshop, you will identify and articulate what is your unique superpower, and more importantly, add the power of storytelling into your pitch to get ‘YES’ from investors or customers. 

Here's how this works...

You have a load of passion for your product/solution/software etc. . You want any investors to immediately ‘get it' 
You want them to immediately say YES regarding why your business needs to exist and why now is the best time to invest in your business. 
You may need to come up with the right pitch, the right story, the right UPS (unique selling point), that get YES for you. 

...and that's where we come in.

We’ll pitch together and spend an 8 hour day to get you there! 

Strategize and refind your pitch strategy in one 8-hour, hands-on workshop. 

  • What is the real problem you are solving 

  • Why your solution should exist 

  • How can we differentiate meaningfully from the competition?

  • How to leverage storytelling in your pitch to get IMMEDIATE  YES

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Cristina Imperial Carl CEO and Founder of Ediphi

"Having you guys on my side has been an absolute game-changer. I can't express enough how relieved and grateful I am to have your support. If it weren't for your team, I'd probably be pulling my hair out and feeling incredibly nervous right now. The assistance and guidance provided during the deep dive sessions have been beyond helpful, making the entire process much smoother for me. This experience has truly been invaluable, and I can't thank you enough for your expertise and support.


Before I met INNW, my greatest challenge was distilling my message effectively for my audience and delivering it impactfully. INNW came to my rescue in every possible way! They effortlessly assisted me in crafting my message, and fine-tuning my presentation deck, and Wen's personal support and effective public speaking tips were invaluable. The outcome? A great demo day pitch! I received immediate inbound opportunities, with more on the horizon. Would I recommend INNW? Absolutely! Wen is an extraordinary force, dedicated to her founders' success. Her fearlessness and contagious passion are evident in how she tirelessly supports and empowers her portfolio companies."


Sergey Makarov (Jay) 

CEO of TalentWay

"Before teaming up with Wen and the INNW Institute, I was at a loss on how to clearly present our startup's vision to potential customers and investors. It was during a group session with Wen that I realized this was a shared challenge, especially for technical founders like myself. Over our twelve sessions, Wen didn't just guide us in refining our pitch; she also delved deep into enhancing our marketing and sales strategies. What truly stands out about Wen is her knack for aiding founders in discovering and embracing their unique, authentic voice. With her assistance, we began securing our first sales and received positive feedback from customers on numerous ideas. Thanks to Wen, I've gained the confidence and know-how to pitch our startup in a manner that's both genuine to my essence and engaging to listeners. If you're a founder seeking clarity in conveying your story to customers or investors, I wholeheartedly recommend Wen and the INNW Institute."

Attend this one-day session and walk out ready to: 

  • Start your fundraising journey (Pre-seed / seed round/ A round and beyond) 

  • Get YES from investors or any case competition 

  • Get invited to the next meeting (by investors / potential business partners/customers) 

  • Leverage compelling messaging in sales, customers presentation, PR, social media, and more 


Here’s what you’ll do in just one day:

Professionally crafted investor pitch deck

Storytelling in Messaging 

  • Strong and compelling one-liner 

  • Memorable 30s elevator pitch

  • Create a compelling storyline throughout the deck 

  • Well-structured messaging & storytelling


Business Strategy 

  • Articulated vision/mission

  • Discover your uniqueness  -  unique value proposition

  • Targeted Go-to-market strategy

  • Winning revenues model

  • Polished fundraising ask and milestones

  • Strong team slide and more  


Contextual design 

  • Unified branding strategy aligning with your brand identity  

  • Polished and modern design that accentuates your pitch content 

  • Strategic messaging and positioning that validates and augments your unique positing with a presentation under 12 slides

  • Custom design and packaging - no cookie-cutter themes, we know how to show off YOUR business

  • Expert copywriting

  • Training on how to deliver your pitch to maximum effect from an authority on winning customers

  • A collaborative process that merges strategy, content, design, and delivery so you can fund your business quickly and easily



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