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Make It Count.

Helping you build the perfect pitch that resonates.

Personalized and Professional solutions for your next investment pitch.

You Are One Pitch Away from Changing the World
Don’t Let Opportunities Fall Through


Storytelling Matters

A multitude of entrepreneurs compete for a handful of investors, who have limited time and resources. Investors want to invest in start-ups that can communicate its potential clearly and efficiently.

Less than 6%* of Start-ups are funded

Hundreds of thousands of start-ups sprawl each year only in the US, yet only a handful of them receive funding from angel investment or venture capital. Why?
Many communicate but few truly connect.


What is a perfect pitch?

Making a perfect pitch is like making a peanut butter jelly sandwich. It requires the perfect amount of peanut butter on one slide, which is all the business fundamentals, such as your business model, pricing strategy; on the other hand, you need the right amount of strawberry jelly, which is your passion, your why, the way how you tell the story. We need the right amount of both on the bread to make a perfect bite.

We are here to help you find the right balance on all your 12 slides so you can get YES immediately.


We help 300+ founders grow 

Our Services

Our Perfect Pitch Process

We understand that not all entrepreneurs are born-to-be salespeople. 
That’s why we built our Perfect Pitch Process to help start-ups deliver their messages effectively.

Investment Deck

We provide a tailored investment deck that tells a compelling story of why investors should invest.

Pitch Deck

We prepare you with a pitch deck that can be customized as a full storyboard or an elevator pitch deck to effectively connect with your shareholders.

Customer Presentation

We offer an effective presentation deck for your start-up to secure key customers for your business

Meet Wen.

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Welcome to INNW Institute.

Hello, I’m Wen, founder of INNW consulting and your strategic partner to help your business gain momentum. Through working with numerous companies from start-ups to large corporations, I’ve learned that compelling narrative and engaging visuals are extremely important when it comes to securing investment funds or engaging customers.

Contact us now to reach your next business goals!

Client Testimonials

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"Partnering with INNW has truly been a game-changer. Previously, I struggled to authentically articulate my message, grappling with doubt and imposter syndrome. But since teaming up with INNW, everything has radically transformed.

Their ability to cut through the noise and provide clarity in my business is unmatched. INNW didn't just refine my message; they empowered me to fully own it. Their assertive yet supportive approach was precisely what I needed to thrive.

Now, I confidently convey my message and seamlessly connect with others in corporate presentations and customer interactions. In just 3 months with INNW, we've not only tripled our investment but also welcomed a surge of new customers. And we know this is only the beginning.

I highly recommend INNW for anyone seeking to attract investors or customers in their business journey."

Stephanie Crain

Founder and CEO of TAPAS Innovation


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If Not Now, Wen? Podcasts

Listen to other’s entrepreneurial stories. Be inspired. Learn new tools.
Check out Wen’s Podcasts today.

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Client Testimonials

"Each and every moment was very helpful. I learned how to layout my pitch speech and to articulate the story of Dareesoft's solution. I was finally able to create a 4-minute pitch speech, which I have attempted on my own for a while. I would never have been able to finish this task without support and leading from Wen and Eric. All sessions being recorded was very helpful and I will be able to continue to learn in the future by reviewing all materials.


I really enjoyed the B2B sales training which was a deep dive with specific scenarios thoughtfully presented to the attendees. The hosts of the program are passionate and eager to mentor the participants with feedback in detail. Even though the program is online you can feel the enthusiasm and the energy that the hosts are putting in every second during the online meeting."

Andrea Kim


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