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Perseverance is the Mother of All Invention - Interview with Carl Copeland

On the podcast today, we have the incomparable Carl Copeland - founder and president of Möbius Aero. Carl is an innovator, inventor, serial entrepreneur and humanitarian who boasts more than 40 granted patents under his belt. Over and above these impressive accomplishments, Carl serves on the board of two NGOs that are focused on eliminating poverty, hunger, illiteracy and human trafficking in developing nations.

Carl joins us today to share his story of how he overcame the difficult circumstances he grew up in to become the successful inventor he is today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Rising above childhood circumstances to go on and live the life of your dreams

  • Holding a vision for the future you strive for and persevering until you succeed

  • How taking a different path than most people can lead to success

  • The biggest lessons Carl learned during his entrepreneurial journey (and how we can benefit from them)

  • Making decisions from a place of peace, rather than from a place of fear

Connect with Carl:

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