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From Corporate to Start-Up to VC - Interview with Eric Engineer

In today’s episode of If Not Now Wen, we’re excited to talk with special guest Eric Engineer. Eric is a partner of S3 Ventures where he supports portfolio companies as a board member and advisor for strategic growth.

Eric was previously CEO at Invodo, an S3 Ventures portfolio company, which was acquired by CoCreativ in early 2018. Prior to Invodo, Eric was a Partner at Sevin Rosen Funds in Dallas, where he helped lead the firm’s investment in Invodo. He also worked at Microsoft, where he held a variety of roles in product management, product planning, and enterprise sales across several business units.

Eric began his career as a Sales Engineer at Trilogy Software in Austin, TX. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as an MCS in Distributed Systems and a BA in Computer Science from Rice University in Houston.

Eric has the rare career experience that includes corporate, start-up, and VC. He has graduated into a recession – twice – and navigated two of the biggest bubbles in recent history. Eric is a humble and compassionate leader who strives to help others. He is such an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy his story as much as I do.

In this episode we talk about:

🔹 How a bump in the road or a detour can lead you to bigger and greater things

🔹 The unique ecosystem in Texas today and what it holds for the future

🔹 What you need to know about venture capital

🔹 Advice for entrepreneurs during this down cycle in the economy

🔹 Tips for raising capital in today’s environment

Curious to hear more from Eric and his inspiring story? Catch today’s episode right here!

What was your biggest takeaway? Let me know in the comments below!

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