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Vision, Mindset and Start-Up Success - Interview with Paul O’Brien

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

My special guest in today’s episode is long time Silicon Valley technology and startup veteran, Paul O’Brien. Paul has been in Austin, Texas for a dozen years and is heavily involved in the startup boom of the state, working at the crossroads of economic development and venture capital. He’s a founder and the CEO of MediaTech Ventures, a venture development company in Media, worked to bring Founder Institute and MassChallenge to Texas, serves on the board of a number of startup incubators and accelerators, and is a managing director of venture capital programming in Funded House. Paul shares the lessons he has learned from being a tech venture entrepreneur and his insights on how facing life challenges head on has helped him to grow in his life and work. On the podcast, we discuss: 🔹How you can make sense of and overcome hardships in your life 🔹How having the right mindset can help you see opportunities that you otherwise would not have seen during times of difficulty 🔹Tools you can use to help you pivot successfully in transitionary seasons of your life 🔹The mindset you need and practices you can implement in order to thrive in the start-up/tech-venture industry Curious to hear more from Paul and learn more on the strategies he uses to remain successful in the start-up space? Catch today’s episode right here! Connect with Paul:

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