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VC Fundraising Is Set to Surpass 2021 Record

💸 VC Fundraising Is Set to Surpass 2021 Record

Buy the dip.

It’s one of the simplest investment strategies out there, and it illustrates a key point: Market downturns are a time of opportunity.

This is true for venture capital, too.

2021 was a record-setting year for venture capital in the U.S., with VC funds closing on deals worth $142.1 billion.

At the end of July of this year, US funds had already closed $137.5 billion. (PitchBook)

So while the market may be down and there are some signs that VC is also slowing down, don’t lose perspective: On the whole, VC has been increasing steadily over the past several years, and 2022 looks like it will be a strong year, as well.

What’s your strategy for effective fundraising this year? Please share in the comments. 👇🗯️

Sources: PitchBook, Michael Jackson

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