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Turn your Potential into Reality - Interview with Scott Thomas

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

In today’s episode, my special guest is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of MODintelechy, Scott Thomas. Scott has an impressive background which includes corporate/marketing strategy and execution, lead generation, intellectual property licensing, and software selection/implementation. He worked for and with several industry leaders.

Prior to founding Intelechy Group, a leading Revenue Growth Marketing Agency, Scott was the Director of Client Marketing, Lead Development at Rainmaker Systems, where he created and executed lead generation programs for respected technology leaders such as Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Panasonic, and Red Hat.

Scott is an entrepreneur who is both creative and data-driven. His one-of-a-kind journey is just amazing, and what I like the most about him are his core values.

Today, you’ll learn:

🔹 How to find your path and your true-calling

🔹 The power of turning potential into reality

🔹 How to balance between perseverance and reality

🔹 The importance of Integrity, Loyalty and Impact

🔹 The value of self-awareness to accomplish success

Are you eager to learn more from Scott Thomas and his amazing journey? Tune in for more exciting insights!

And, send a comment to let me know if you have any questions!

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