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The Ultimate Y-Combinator Guide of Resources

Only 400 out of 17,000 get into YC.

Dalton Caldwell, Managing Director & Group Partner at YC, shares what makes teams stand out.

First thing: technical excellence 🔍

The team should have someone who can actually build the product.

Some kind of founder/market fit for what the idea is.

And of course, this technical founder shouldn’t be alone.

Ideally, there is more than one co-founder.

Startups are ultimately a battle against yourself and it’s hard doing it all by yourself.

Sharing Alexander Jarvis' list of resources from Y Combinator to help you get into the esteemed program.

It includes:

✔ YC Application Checklist

✔ What Y Combinator looks for in a founder

✔ Startup Ideas We’d like to Fund

✔ How to ace your YC interview

✔ 31 Tips for a Successful Y Combinator Application

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