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In the World of Startup Valuations, There’s Generative AI—and Everything Else

💰 Unveiling AI's Valuation Supremacy 🚀

Globally, VCs have more than tripled their A.I. investments in the past year. 🚀

In 2018, A.I. startups attracted only $314 million in VC funding.

Growing at an average of 95% annually, that amount is now $13 billion.

That's higher than the entire yearly economic output of 85 countries. 🤯

While it's easy to attribute this enormous growth to the success of OpenAI, that's not the whole story.

Consider the following:

💵 Generative A.I. startups have a median early-stage valuation that's more than 120% higher than all startups

📈 Some startups in the field have received valuations that are approximately 1400x their annual revenue

🤖 Median pre-money valuations for all startups are down 24% this year compared to an increase of 16% for generative A.I. startups

Which country is leading this tremendous growth?

The U.S., which has seen 87% of the global VC funding for A.I. over the past 5 years. 🌎

Check out the charts below for a more in-depth analysis! 👇

I've also dropped the link in the first comment to access the PDF file.

Is your startup AI related?

Source: Pitchbook | Dealroom

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