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Success from a Global Venture Partner Perspective - Interview with Omar Zaki

In today’s episode, you will meet my special guest Omar Zaki. Omar is a Venture Partner with TechRanch, where he supports startups in Digital Health and MedTech, as well as empowering venture and innovative ecosystems & programs around the world.

By age 25, he pioneered an international Telehealth and EdTech startup which connected thousands of physicians across the MENA region in real-time, disrupting the traditional Continuous Medical Education industry. Since then, he has been building and managing international ventures and projects for the past 20 years.

Today's episode was one of my favorites! With his global perspective, Omar shared deep insights from his successful personal journey. I welcome you to join in as well!

In this episode, you’ll learn that:

- Diversity is a fruitful foundation for successful minds

- There are multiple pathways to success and you need to find the best one for you

- Optimism and curiosity can be your allies in face of challenges

- Perseverance, timing, and understanding people are crucial for your success

- Failure teaches you more than success does

Want to learn more from this innovative and international entrepreneur? Click here to listen to the podcast!

Always happy to hear what you think about the episode's takeaways! Comment with your thoughts!

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