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Startups: The Good, The Bad and The Journey - Interview with Steve Hoffman

In today's episode, our guest is Steve Hoffman, also known as Captain Hoff. He is the Captain & CEO of "Founders Space", one of the world’s leading startup accelerators. He launched Founders Space with the mission to educate and accelerate entrepreneurs. He has trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation and provided consulting to many of the world’s largest corporations.

He is also a venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and author of several award-winning books. Steve is a fascinating storyteller who will take you on his exciting entrepreneurial journey and give you advice that you can implement in your own journey.

Today, you’ll learn how to:

🔹 Find your passion and start your journey even without experience

🔹 Survive the early stages of being a startup

🔹 Build courage, be open to possibilities and seize opportunities where they present themselves

🔹 Deal with the hardest difficulties that you can face as a startup and progress

🔹 Benefit from Steve’s biggest lessons in order to prosper in your own entrepreneurial journey

Curious to learn the best advice to grow your business from one of the top startup accelerators?

Today, Captain Hoff shared with us his philosophy and deep insight, and provided us with the best startup business tips around! So, what did you gain from this episode? Reply in the comments and let me know your thoughts!

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