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Relentless Optimism in the Start-Up World - Interview with Ron Green

In today’s episode of If Not Now Wen, we’re excited to talk with special guest Ron Green. Ron is Chief Technology Officer at KUNGFU.AI’s. A serial tech entrepreneur and expert in machine learning, he has built several successful companies in telecom, biotech, e-commerce, social media, and healthcare.

Ron was most recently CEO and founder of Thrive Technologies (acquired by CLOUD), a mobile healthcare startup. Prior to Thrive, he ran software development at Ziften Technologies, Powered (acquired by Dachis Group), and Visible Genetics (acquired by Bayer).

Ron is such a humble leader with an incredible journey to share. I know you're going to love this episode and get so many amazing takeaways.

We talk about:

🔹 Why it’s never too late to start something or learn something new

🔹 The biggest lessons learned from start-up failures

🔹 Why getting repetitions at startups is really valuable

🔹 Mistakes early-stage founders should be aware of

🔹 Fundraising advice for a tough capital environment

Curious to hear more from Ron and his inspiring story? Catch today’s episode right here!

Connect with Ron:

Connect with Wen:

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