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Optimizing Life - Interview with Andra Vomir

In today’s episode of If Not Now Wen, we’re excited to talk with special guest Andra Vomir. Andra is a co-founder of Efficient App, a lifestyle business that helps teams find and integrate their software stack and streamline and map their operational processes to the software. Also known as “The Efficient Girl”, Andra is passionate about helping businesses save dozens of hours a day with automation.

Andra is also a partner at Efficient VC where she angel invests in the B2B SaaS products that she’s found to be game-changing for herself and her clients.

Andra believes in optimizing life for the enjoyment of each and every day. She is such a sincere and kind person with a beautiful presence, and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do.

We talk about:

🔹 What it’s like to run a business with your spouse and the qualities that make it successful

🔹 The pros and cons of raising funds for your business

🔹 The top 5 software products that everyone should have

🔹 Embracing fear and dealing with imposter syndrome

🔹 Defining success and optimizing happiness

Curious to hear more from Andra and her inspiring story? Catch today’s episode right here!

Connect with Andra:

Connect with Wen:

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