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Navigating the Role of CEO - Interview with Joel Trammell

In today’s episode of If Not Now wen, we’re talking with special guest Joel Trammell. Joel is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner who is super passionate about building great organizations. His leadership has led to multiple successful exits and exceptional investor returns over his 30-year career. Joel is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine, which reaches more than 10,000 CEOs across the state. He is a pioneer in the field of CEO education and training.

After discovering there might be some gaps for business leaders who are struggling to build great businesses, Joel launched American CEO to provide educational resources for chief executives. He is also the author of The CEO Tight Rope, a comprehensive guide featuring proven techniques and approaches for overcoming the unique challenges of being a CEO.

As a leading CEO educator, Joel regularly speaks at conferences and events nationwide. He has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes and, sharing his experienced-based insight on business leadership topics. He has served on the boards of public, private and non-profit organizations. He was named Chairman Emeritus of the Austin Technology Council and regularly teaches a course for Austin CEOs.

Joel is the ultimate chief educator to chief executives. He believes that great CEOs make great jobs, and great jobs and great success in business drives success for a country. He is passionate about helping others make their organizations as successful as possible.

In this episode we’ll talk about:

🔹 What to know before you make your pitch

🔹 How to know when to quit and when to keep going

🔹 Knowing when it’s time to sell

🔹 What it means to be a professional CEO

🔹 The biggest blind spot and challenge for many CEOs

🔹 How to be a great CEO

Joel is such an inspiration, and he has so much wisdom to share. Tune in to the full episode to learn more about Joel’s story and how to confidently step into the role of CEO.

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