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If Not Now… When? Overcome Challenges to Transform Your Life

Wen Zhang’s amazing story begins as she dreams of venturing into the world while growing up in an isolated mountain town in rural China. Wen completely transformed her life by teaching herself English using just a cassette machine. Despite countless challenges, she pushed forward to become the only person who ever left her hometown, and achieved her dream of seeing the world.

You can’t help but become motivated listening to her story and Wen wants to empower and enable others to achieve their dreams as well. This is why she founded INNW Institute, with a mission to empower entrepreneurs and startup founders to connect with investors and customers.

In this episode we cover how to nail your pitch to get funding, common mistakes founders make and how to avoid them, starting your day with meditation and how to create and achieve goals to make your dreams come true.

Listen to this episode here.

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