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How to Recognize Strengths In Diversity - Interview with Preston L. James II

In today’s podcast, we are speaking to CEO and co-founder of DivInc., Preston L James II. Preston is a startup advisor/consultant, investor and evangelist for tech startups with 25+ years in the technology sector, mostly in IT technology sales/consulting.

Preston joins us today to talk about his work on diversity and inclusion and to give us a different perspective on how to approach our differences as humans.

We discuss:

  • How to approach differences with curiosity instead of assuming the negative

  • The importance of moving forward despite challenges

  • How you can use your core values to shape how you interact with others in business and life

  • How to recognise gaps in the space you operate in and how to use that information to be the change you want to see

  • Preston’s journey in the tech start-up world and his learnings since he has been in this space

Preston is a champion for diversity and inclusion in the tech start-up and he brings his unique understanding to this critical conversation.

With his knowledge and experience I am confident that you will come out of this discussion with lots of valuable insights on the world of start-ups and how to navigate relationships with people who are different to you in life and business!

Let me know what your key takeaway from the conversation was!

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