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How to Make Impossible Possible

"If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going." - Winston Churchill

In this INNW podcast interview, meet Damian Routley, a fearless business leader who shares with us his entrepreneurial journey and how to build perseverance and remain optimistic during business hardship.

In this conversation, we covered:

1. How to deal with setbacks and failure

2. How to crave a path to live a life worth living

3. How to avoid deadly mistakes when scaling a business from 0 to 1 to 500 team size.

You can listen to this conversation here:

- Apple podcast:

Here is a brief bio about Damian Routley

Damian is the Chief Commercial Officer at Founders Factory building and investing in early-stage tech businesses backed by the world's largest corporates. In 2008 Damian Routley founded Adglow one of the first social advertising platforms, which was acquired in 2016 and grew to 350 people across 17 markets under his leadership. Since then, he has worked as NED, board advisor and consultant to high growth businesses in the creative industries, as well as developing and launching the CBD brand, and production company, Otherly Entertainment Entertainment.

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