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Good vs. Great Startup Founders

In the startup world, the difference between good and great can make or break you.

After all, about 90% of startups fail (Embroker).

Of the 10% that make it, it’s a safe bet that the founder(s) played a pivotal role.

That’s why I wanted to share this advice from Selina Tobaccowala, co-founder of Evite and President of SurveyMonkey. According to Tobaccowala, great founders:

🔷 Have hard conversations with co-founders before they even start.

🔷 Nail the balance between internal vs. external time management.

🔷 Seek feedback as early on as possible.

🔷 Talk to their users a lot.

🔷 Know how to make hard decisions (e.g., raise more or sell?)

🔷 Talk with their employees to keep momentum.

To learn more about great founders, take a look at the file here.

What do you think makes the difference between good and great entrepreneurs? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

Source: John Currier, General Partner at NFX

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