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Following Your Heart - Interview with Wendy Shew

In today’s episode of If Not Now Wen, we’re excited to talk with special guest Wendy Shew. As a first generation Asian American, Wendy experienced firsthand how education can ultimately become the equalizer in anyone’s life. At an early age, she experienced the tragedy of losing her mother, which has become her catalyst for 25 years in social impact work.

Determined to break through gender barriers, Wendy studied aviation, learned to fly single engine prop planes, and worked in the international aviation business as a jet engine specialist.


After volunteering in 2014 at a girl’s orphanage in India, she quit her job four months later and sold all her things. She left the country to travel the world all across Asia, Europe, and Africa for six years, where she spent much of her time as a volunteer and mentor to young girls.


Three months after an earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, damaging 9,000 schools, Wendy traveled to Nepal to support in earthquake disaster relief. From there, she founded Building Education in 2017 with the vision to help others transform tragedy to purpose in rising out of poverty.

Wendy truly embodies what it means to become the change you want to see in this world, and she has such a beautiful journey to share with us today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

We talk about:

🔹 Listening to your internal guidance and following your heart

🔹 Discovering yourself and your purpose

🔹 Recognizing the fundamental role education plays in empowering people all over the world

🔹 Stepping in when you see a need that is not being met

🔹 Wendy’s journey from aviator to founder and her impact along the way


To hear more from Wendy and her inspiring story, tune in to the full episode now.

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