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Embracing Spiritual Entrepreneurship - Interview with Brooke Bains

My special guest in today’s episode is Brooke Bains. Brooke has over 20 years in sales, go-to-market operations, and consulting for businesses, whether publicly traded, privately held, or venture-backed companies. She is passionate about the customer experience and believes that this is where the journey to creating valuable partnerships ultimately begins.

Brooke founded the company Bombshell, simplifying business travel for women. She is currently the Chief Commercial Officer with Thinktiv, a value creation consultancy. Today she is also an Entrepreneur in Residence with Techstars in Austin, as well as sitting on multiple advisory boards for other startup businesses to help and support them on their growth journey.

Brooke shares her wisdom and insight on the entrepreneurial spirit and the power of embracing your humanity in order to thrive in your environment and business.

On the podcast, we discuss:

🔹 How to overcome adversity and turn the challenges you face into huge learning experiences

🔹 The joy of being in alignment and not trying to force something to happen

🔹 How you can be unknowingly limiting yourself and your potential

🔹 How taking the time to know and understand yourself can create the change you want to see in the world

🔹 The top mistake Brooke sees founders make and her advice for other entrepreneurs

Brooke is so inspiring, and I hope you love this episode as much as I do! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Curious to hear more from Brooke? Catch today’s episode right here.

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