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Business, Family, Leadership and Legacy - Interview with Marcos Gutierrez

On today’s podcast, we are joined by the inspiring Marcos Gutierrez, who is the CEO of QA Systems, Inc based in Austin, Texas.

With over fifteen years in the high tech industry, Marcos leads his businesses with a motivational and charismatic methodology that promotes constant personal and professional improvement.

Marcos has worked with both commercial and public entities of all sizes by promoting an excellent customer service mentality which creates and cultivates long-term business relationships.

Marcos shares amazing insights on the intersection between business success, family and mastery. Tune in to this episode to find out more!

Some of the things you will learn today include:

  • How being innovative and finding ways to create value can help you build a multi-generational legacy

  • Marcos’ top 3 learnings received from his charismatic father and how you can apply these in your own life

  • Advice for starting and growing a successful business

  • Ways to create a balance between work and life, particularly when working in a family business

  • The power of using your life challenges as a platform to help you grow in life

Be sure to tune into this episode to hear more from Marcos and to gain new perspectives on business, leadership, family and legacies.

Connect with Marcos:

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