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Becoming an Expert Connector - Interview with Marc Nathan

In today’s episode of If Not Now Wen, we’re excited to talk with special guest Marc Nathan. Marc is an experienced leader in the technology startup community with a talent for connecting entrepreneurial business owners to customers, employees, investors, and partners.

Marc is the Vice President of Client Strategy of a law firm based in Austin, Texas where he helps his clients discover appropriate capital sources, and he founded T-Squared Agency to support selected clients with a comprehensive growth strategy and funding sources.


Throughout his career, Marc has assisted early-stage companies with business strategy, capital acquisition, digital and mobile marketing, customer development, strategic partnerships, and product development. Today, he publishes the weekly must-read Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter that offers news, opinions, and events across the entire startup ecosystem in Texas. Marc is passionate about connecting people, and he continues to create impact through service and leadership.


In this episode we talk about:

🔹 Marc’s biggest surprise in working with startups

🔹 Becoming an expert in something you do well

🔹 Defining success and psychological profit

🔹 How the Art of War relates to doing business

🔹 The critical aspect of being a successful company


Marc is such an inspiration, and he has so much insight to share. I know you're going to love this episode and get so many amazing takeaways! I can't wait to hear what you think!

Curious to hear more from Marc? Catch today’s episode right here.

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