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100+ Questions Founders Should Ask Themselves (And Investors)

It’s a two-way process.

When looking for investors, there is a two-sided evaluation going on.

As investors are analyzing you, you are analyzing them.

To make the best evaluation, you need to ask the right questions.

I’ve put together a list of over 100 questions that you can use to ask your investors, and also, yourself.

Questions from this list:

▪️ How can you help us besides the money?

▪️ What’s the main metric that would prove this company’s potential?

▪️ What important truth do [they] believe that few people would agree with them on?

▪️ How much do they usually invest, and who else do you have to bring into the round to make it easy for them to say yes?

Interested in seeing the full list of questions? Then join us inside our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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