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What Should Be On Your Pitch Deck?

The importance of your pitch deck can’t be overstated.

Only about 0.05% of small businesses are able to raise venture capital, and the deck they send investors is likely the most important part of the process. (Fundera)

And yet, even among experts, there’s a lot of disagreement about what should be on your deck. Should you keep it short and sweet at 10 slides, or add extra details with 15+? Should you include press coverage and user testimonials? Should you discuss your Board of Directors?

While some of these questions have no single right answer, I wanted to share some questions that any successful deck should address:

🔺 What are the 3-5 specific problems your business is solving?

🔺 What’s your solution, how do you achieve it, and what makes it unique?

🔺 What is the overall market size?

🔺 How are you making money?

🔺 Who are your competitors, and why are you better?

🔺 What’s your customer acquisition plan?

🔺 What’s your team’s superpower, and what’s your track record so far?

🔺 What have you accomplished with the funding you’ve already received?

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to pitch decks? Please share in the comments. 👇🗯️

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