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What NOT to Do in Your Pitch Deck

The most common mistake made by newbie founders:

👉 Providing too much detail, too soon.

Your goal at meeting #1 is to get them interested enough to want meeting #2.


❌ Include unsubstantiated growth projections.

❌ Describe extraneous hiring details.

❌ Delay answering a question.

❌ Use tons of bullet points.

❌ Inflate your capabilities. 

If you list a number of data points with no context. 

And growth projections with no evidence.

Investors will think ‘so what?’

Data should support your story.

Your story is what investors buy into.

Investors want to know more about you.

Why you’re doing this.

Why you’re doing it now.

Why you’re in this industry.

When asked a question, that’s the right time to address the question. Even if it means you have to jump ahead or jump back.

When you’ve fully convinced them with your story, that’s the time you start sharing the gritty details of your operations.

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