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Founders: Don’t Confuse Vanity Metrics With Your Go-To-Market Strategy

💸 Don’t Confuse Vanity Metrics With Your Go-To-Market Strategy

+ The One Slide 99% Of Founders Get Wrong When Fundraising

You got 300 email sign-ups?

Web traffic spiked by 200%?

Got featured in a magazine?

At the earliest stages, it’s tempting to celebrate anything that looks like traction.

But investors know what real traction looks like, and none of the above qualifies.

Including these metrics in your pitch can be a red flag to investors.

It could indicate a founder that doesn’t know the real important metrics.

At the end of the day, unless they result in sales, they are meaningless.

What you need is a plan to get traction.

If you have a non-converting top of funnel, try to figure out:

- what’s happening to your traffic

- how you can start converting them

Gain the metrics on how well these top-of-funnel numbers can convert into paying customers.

And when you’re ready to pitch, don’t forget to check the slide inside our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club that 99% of founders get wrong!

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