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Top-Funded Tech Startups in the US and Europe

Founders: Do you know what companies are attracting the most VC dollars?

This list of the top-funded tech startups in the US and Europe can give you a sense of which companies are doing best in the venture game.

It includes a link with more information about each startup, its state (for US companies) or country (for those in Europe), and the total raised.

Here are some key takeaways:

🔹 The best-funded company is CA-based e-cigarette company JUUL Labs, which has raised a whopping $15B

🔹 The US list includes 19 unicorns ($1B+ valuation), including cybersecurity company Tanium, healthcare company Olive ($4B valuation), and corporate training platform Articulate ($3.8B valuation)

🔹 The bulk of US companies (31) raised $ in 2021; only 8 last raised before 2020

🔹 The UK’s broadband satellite company OneWeb is the top-funded startup in Europe, with $5.2B raised

🔹 European startup and innovation hubs include cities like London, Stockholm, and Berlin, but the Euro tech boom is diffusing across the continent, with promising companies emerging in niche markets

For a complete list, take a look at the file below. 👇

What excites you most about the tech world right now? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

Source: CBInsights

Top-Funded Tech Startups in the US and Europe
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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