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Top 50+ AI Startup Investors

In 2021, VCs invested $118 billion in AI-based startups.

Between marketing, health, communications, and security, AI is taking the world by storm…

Especially with data management. ⚡

For instance, data companies are reaching, if not surpassing, $1 billion valuations, including:

Datamir - $1.1B raised

Zymergen - $974.1M raised

Dataiku - $846.8M raised

Both Datamir and Zymergen hail from the US.

While Dataiku comes from France.

And some of the premier investors funding AI include names like:

➡️ Right Side Capital Management

Focused on investing in companies providing software, data, and analytics.

➡️ SV Angel

Provides funding for companies working on software and internet providers.

➡️ Khosla Ventures

Invests in startups looking to provide automation in the healthcare industry.

➡️ Lux Capital

Funds startups working on AI learning in science and engineering.

➡️ Ulu Ventures

Gives consideration to startups looking to work on automation for the financial sector.

…and more!

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