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Top 10 Fundraising Websites for Startups

Only 60% of startups succeed in securing series A funding. (SPD load)

And the longer the fundraising process goes, the harder it gets to secure capital.

So, to give you the highest chance of acquiring funds, you must exploit all possible resources.

This leads us to the 10 fundraising websites for startups.

And a big shout-out to Maximilian Fletimann for sharing the resource! 💡 

1️⃣ OpenVC

Hosts a database containing over 5000 investors across the globe.

2️⃣ DocSend

A secure cloud-hosting site for sharing pitch decks with investors.

3️⃣ BaseTemplates

A compilation of templates, checklists, and training programs.

4️⃣ Vauban

Enables an easy method of lining up investors to secure capital.

5️⃣ PitchDeckHunt

Contains over 200 templates of successful pitch decks.

6️⃣ Landscape

Allows business owners to anonymously review their investors.

7️⃣ Attio

An online platform to keep track of all your CRM records and processes.

…and more!

Want the rest of the websites?

Then join us inside our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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