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The ONE Thing That Makes Investors Say YES

The answer is deceptively simple.

The only thing investors look for in a pitch is a good investment. (Founder Eva Reder)

In practice, that can mean many things. But when you ask top investors to zero in on what they look for, their answers are surprisingly similar.

Here’s what makes investor, OpenAI CEO, and former Y Combinator President Sam Altman say YES:

👉 An inspiring mission

👉 A fast-growing market

👉 An inspiring founding team

👉 A strategy that makes sense

Here’s what Internet entrepreneur and investor Jason McCabe Calacanis looks for:

1️⃣ A founder with massive skills, drive, & learning ability

2️⃣ Exceptional execution by the founding team

3️⃣ The ability to explain how the 2 factors above will help him make 100x his investment

What other factors do you think make investors say YES? Please share in the comments. 👇🗯️

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