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The Most Common Go-To-Market Questions This Expert Gets From Early Founders

🚀 Most Important Go-To-Market Strategy FAQ 🚀

The 4 questions that every founder struggles to get right. 🤔

1️⃣ How do I find my ideal customer profile (ICP)?

❌ Implement a broad marketing strategy targeting a wide audience and create individualized profiles

✅ Identify the optimal target customers and prioritize efforts to engage and retain them

2️⃣ How do I run a successful sales call?

❌ Give a lengthy monologue describing the product or service

✅ Fully understand the prospect's challenges and provide specific solutions

3️⃣ How should I launch and establish my business in the market?

❌ Hire a sales team to "ensure" maximum growth

✅ If the product has self-serve adoption and viral potential, proceed with product-led growth (PLG)

4️⃣ What strategies can I employ to achieve precise forecasting?

❌ Base predictions solely on historical analysis

✅ Evaluate and update your sales opportunities at least once a week, on top of historical analysis

See the image below for further insights!

What do you think most founders get wrong when developing market strategies? 💬

Source: First Round Review

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