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The Fundraising Checklist: 12 Proof Points for Series A

VCs are pulling back from their 2021 peak, and as a result, raising a strong Series A is getting harder. (TechCrunch)

So how do you know when your company is ready? That’s a hard question to answer. According to the startup incubator Y Combinator, it’s a combination of enough traction and the founders’ ability to tell a good story.

One thing you CAN and MUST do, however, is making sure you’re ready when the right time comes.

That’s why I wanted to share this Series A fundraising checklist.

Here are some of the proof points:

🔹 Traction (demonstrable >10% growth)

🔹 Product-market fit

🔹 Proven scalability & unit economics

🔹 Clear, compelling narrative

For a complete list, join us on Sales & Investor Accelerator where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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