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The Emotional Cost of Being a Startup Founder

Almost 50% of founders struggle with mental health issues. (Erin Frey)

According to Kavedon Kapital, founders are:

🔸 Twice as likely to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts

🔸 3x more likely to suffer from substance abuse

🔸 6x more likely to suffer from ADHD

🔸 10x more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder

A while many founders suffer in silence, that’s thankfully starting to change:

🔹 Felicis Ventures pledged to set aside 1% of investments to support founders’ development

🔹 Entrepreneurs like Mahendra Ramsinghani, who founded Secure Octane Investments, are writing books about the challenges facing founders

🔹 Investors are discussing this reality more openly—and showing a greater willingness to address it

See below for the emotional roller coaster facing founders. 👇

What’s been your toughest moment as an entrepreneur, and how did you deal with it? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

Source: Mahendra Ramsinghani via TechCrunch

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