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The Crunchbase Emerging Unicorn Board

💵 Discover the World's Top Emerging Unicorns 🦄

350+ Global Startups That Have Achieved Unprecedented Success 👇

Every year, countless companies are born into the world.

However, only a fraction of them, less than 0.00006%, manage to reach the prestigious $1 billion valuation milestone.

To put this astonishing figure into perspective, consider that you are more likely to:

➡️ Win an Olympic gold medal

➡️ Be struck by lightning. Twice.

➡️ Encounter a fallen meteorite.

➡️ Stumble upon a million-dollar artwork in your basement.

Establishing a successful startup doesn't always require reinventing the wheel.

One effective way to gain insights into successful methodologies is by studying the path to growth of other companies.

Fortunately, Crunchbase has done 99% of the legwork for you.

They have meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of 350+ emerging unicorns.

This invaluable resource provides information on:

> Total equity funding

> Country and continent

> Lead investors

> Website links

... and much more.

Simply leave a comment, and I'll gladly share the complete list with you!


How did these extraordinary companies achieve their success?

This question is like peeling back layers of an onion, and it all starts with a remarkable pitch accompanied by a compelling story.

Curious to learn more? Join me for my upcoming workshop on August 14, where I'll delve into the secrets of crafting an impactful pitch.

Over 1300 fellow founders have already registered. You can find the registration link in the first comment below. 💬👇

Also, make sure to send a connection request if we aren't already connected.

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