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Six Major Checklists for First-Time Founders

The world can be hard for entrepreneurs. And yet, some of the biggest challenges that founders face—self-doubt and navigating complexity—are internal rather than external (Deepak Kanakaraju via Entrepreneur).

And they’re not crazy to feel that way. After all, 90% of startups fail. 10% fail within the first year (Embroker).

That’s why I wanted to share these six major checklists for first-time founders. They can give you peace of mind as to whether you’re doing everything you should be to give your business the best possible chance of success.

Here are some of the questions these checklists can help you answer:

🔹 Are you ready to fundraise?

🔹 Have you defined and checked the technical details of your company?

🔹 What do you need to run an effective fundraising process?

🔹 Are you ready to negotiate terms?

Interested in seeing the full resource?

Drop a comment below and I’ll send it ASAP. 👇🗯️

Source: ScaaleX

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