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Series A Diligence Checklist

Up to 40% of startups fail to make series A funding. (SPD Load)

With the high likelihood of failure, you must do everything necessary to secure funding.

And thanks to this checklist, you can ensure you’re prepared for the closing round. 🥊

Especially since closing an A can take more than a month—much of which is spent tracking down documents for lawyers. That’s precious time you don’t want to waste.

So, with the checklist, you can keep track of documents like:

➡️ Corporate Records and Charter Documents

Minutes of director and stockholder meetings and written consent documents.

✅ Essential documents like certificates of incorporation, designation, and company bylaws.

✅ Corporate organization charts.

➡️ Security Issuances and Agreements

Lists of company stockholders and the date of issuance.

✅ Vesting schedules for stock options.

✅ Voting agreements and documents regarding stock transfers.

➡️ Dispute and Potential Litigation Agreements

Documentation of any pending suits or legal actions.

✅ Documents regarding potential copyright infringements.

✅ Labor dispute and union agreements.

…and more!

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