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Remember Your Why

"Don't be afraid for it is me who is knocking on the door." - Shila Nieves Burney

In this INNW episode, <Remember your why> - Shila Nieves Burney (she/her/hers) shares her journey to step into a leader with a mission to empower underrepresented founders and making a positive impact.

We discussed:

-How to move forward in presence of fear & failure

- Her big 'why' to start Zane Venture Fund

- How to be successful entrepreneurs

You can listen to this podcast via:

See Shila's Bio here:

Shila Nieves Burney (she/her/hers) an instigator and a catalyst who instigates critical changes in the capital universe and speeds it up with my drive, focus, connections, and mentoring.

Shila Nieves Burney (she/her/hers) was compelled to create Zane Venture Fund because I’m committed to provide the platform that supports underrepresented founders in their quest to create thriving sustainable businesses that provide generational wealth opportunities for their families and their communities.

Her mission to champion underrepresented founders rests on the foundations I’ve built throughout my career. It’s a career that includes everything from leading organizations that foment change, including the Black Women’s Health Initiative, to working with inner-city schools in the public education sector and their students to make sure those students had access to the programs and materials (including food and clothing) to be successful at school.

This experience participating in and leading organizations that champion the human rights of people of color has given her an unequaled view into what it is to be overlooked. It has also accorded me a unique understanding of the importance of investing in human capital. All of this underlies my absolute determination to deliver solutions that address those disparities.

To that end, in addition to Zane Venture Fund, she created Zane Access, the programmatic vehicle that delivers the access underrepresented founders need to build sustainable businesses and generational wealth. This includes access to peers, business experts, mentors, and investors,

She has served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Ventures, completed entrepreneurial programs at the University of California, Berkeley, speaking to women and student entrepreneurs at Cornell, MIT, and Georgia Tech.

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