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Pitching Investors vs. Pitching Customers

If you’re in the startup world, you know that pitching isn’t just for baseball.

It’s key to raising the funds your company needs to grow and succeed.

What you may not realize is that pitching isn’t just something you do for investors. You also need to pitch potential team members on the value of joining your company, experts on the value of mentoring you, and perhaps most importantly, customers on the value of your product.

And what works for one audience doesn’t necessarily work for another.

That’s why I wanted to share theses insights on the differences between pitching investors vs. pitching customers, such as why:

🔷 Jargon works for customers but not investors.

🔷 Your website and your pitch deck shouldn’t pitch the same way.

🔷 Customers typically don’t care about the things investors care about most, and vice versa.

🔷 You shouldn’t try to meld your different pitches—it’s better to keep them separate.

For more details, swipe through the file below. 👇

How do you vary your pitch to suit your audience? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

Source: Y Combinator Partner Michael Seibel

Pitching Investors vs. Pitching Customers
Download PDF • 89KB

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