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PitchBook’s Guide for Pitching to VCs

📋 PitchBook’s Guide for Pitching to VCs: Prep Questions for Startup Founders

Don’t study harder. Study smarter.

That’s good advice when you’re a student, and it’s great advice if you’re a founder preparing to pitch to VCs.

The best way to study smarter for your pitch? Make a list of questions you’re likely to receive and practice your answers until you nail them.

That’s why I wanted to share these prep questions for startup founders from

PitchBook, the leading resource for comprehensive data, research, and insights spanning the global capital markets.

Here are some highlights:

🔹 What are the management team’s strengths?

🔹 Is the market ripe for your offering?

🔹 Is the offering tested?

🔹 What does the competitive landscape look like?

🔹 What is your go-to-market strategy?

🔹 How do you determine equity options?

🔹 What are the VC’s track record and past performance?

🔹 Are there any competitive conflicts?

🔹 Does the VC’s portfolio offer synergistic opportunities?

For more details, swipe through the file below. 👇

How do you typically prepare for pitches? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

PitchBook’s Guide for Pitching to VCs_ Prep Questions for Startup Founders
Download PDF • 67KB

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