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Pitch Deck Teardown Gaming Monetization Company Incymo AI’s $850K Seed Deck

Unsurprisingly, AI companies lead the charge for growth across all industries.

🔥 AI investment reached 35.5B between Q1-Q3 of last year.

But that doesn’t mean AI startups are guaranteed success.

💀 Mega-round funding in Q3 of 2022 only made $3.3B, a QoQ drop of 39%.

VC AI funding is on the mend, thanks to fierce competition.

If there’s one thing that can convince investors, it’s a strong pitch deck.

So, let’s examine how Incymo AI’s pitch deck landed $850k in funding and what you can do better:

Incymo AI highlighted its enormous market, which instills confidence.

✅ Highlighted traction by indicating current clients and potential customers in the pipeline.

The pitch accentuated the pain point and how Incymo AI seeks to resolve the issue.

❌ Small sample size for surveys.

❌ Unclear story with the graph showing growth of the mobile game industry.

The roadmap shows lofty goals without clearly indicating how to achieve them.

Use Incymo AI’s pitch deck as a template for building your AI startup pitch.

But refine it to give you an improved shot at funding.

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