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NFX's Startup Durability Formula: +A Checklist to Assess Each Factor at Your Company

90% of startups fail, and 10% of them fail within the first year. (Embroker)

This means that as you set about creating your company, the ability to survive—and stick around for the long-term—should be top of mind from day 1.

That’s why I wanted to share this durability formula from James Currier, an angel investor, five-time founder, and Founding Partner at NFX, a VC firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups.

The key advantage of this formula is that it gives you a mental model to evaluate your company’s durability as early as possible.

The formula consists of 5 key factors:

1️⃣ Network effects

2️⃣ Economies of scale

3️⃣ Brand

4️⃣ Embedding

5️⃣ IP

To check it out and learn how to apply the model to your company, join our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club. It includes the checklist (where I did an overview of what was included). Join us here!

How have you optimized for durability? Please share in the comments.

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