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New Investor Cold Outreach Email Template

It’s always better to get a warm intro before you send out that email to investors. But as a new founder with a limited network, that may not always be possible.

So here’s the next best thing—some tips to make sure your cold email has the highest possible chance of success (+ a template!):

🔷 Reach out to non-super tier investors—they’re more likely to respond.

🔷 Do your homework on the investor, and write very specific emails.

🔷 Data is king—show why you and your company are impressive (e.g., traction, star team, past accomplishments).

🔷 Have a clear ask—e.g., ask to schedule a Zoom or a coffee with them.

Still not sure how to write that all-important email? Then join our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club. Join us here!

What’s the best advice you’ve received for reaching out to investors? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

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