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My American Dream

Hello September! This month mark official of 10 years of coming to the US to chase my American Dream <3

I still remember the moment I landed in Chicago Ohare airport in a high heel (What am I thinking lol) and 4 suitcases in my hand, while standing amid a busy airport feeling lost.

I simply could not believe I arrived in the US. All the past years of hoping and dreaming finally became true. And it is so amazing and surreal at the same time... I was looking for 'Exit', yet I did not know what 'Exit' is in English, nor had I ever spoke 'real English' to anyone on this planet. I had no idea how I magically left the airport... That moment still feels like yesterday.

I can not believe a mountain girl like me ever come this far in life. A girl like me is supposed to just be a good daughter in my village, a good wife, and a good mother when she is 22. A girl like me should never be able to dream, to dream the world beyond the mountain town that she is born and raised. A girl like me should just be happy, with the little town, and little life.

The past 10 years have been truly magical. I had no idea what I signed up for. All I had is a dream, a fire on my chest, and while following my heart one day at a time. In the past decade, I started the business, I failed in business, I succeed some and failed others. The startup, corporate, MBA... I did it all, and I am grateful for all. I know I am never the smartest in the room, but I dare to say I am the luckiest - There are so many angels coming along my way to help and support me. What a long and beautiful journey.

What is in your heart? what is the venture you are building next? What is your dream? If you can dream it, you can build it. Trust me, if a mountain girl like me can do it, so can you!

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