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Most Common Mistakes Discovered After Reviewing 1,000+ Pitch Decks

I witness these same mistakes over and over again.

Preparing a great pitch deck and delivering an awe-inspiring pitch is no small feat.

Very few founders get it right, especially in the seed and Series A rounds.

The most common mistakes:

▪️ Not knowing your audience

▪️ Not fully understanding your market sizing

▪️ Unclear value proposition

▪️ Unclear founder/market fit

▪️ Fuzzy business model

▪️ Storytelling/order of slides

I have a particular issue with the storytelling portion which many founders don’t pay attention to, but it changes the entire tone and accelerates the chances of success.

You might think these mistakes don’t apply to you.


This is what all founders think.

Haje Jan Kamps put together a list of 34 pitch decks to show examples of decks that avoided these mistakes.

Interested in accessing this list of pitch decks? Then join us inside our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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