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Moon Festival

This week is the Moon Festival 中秋节 in China! It is August 15, in the Moon calendar, which means the moon is the biggest and roundest in the year. Seeing such a bright and beautiful moon, I thought to share my best-kept story about the moon:

When I was 7 years old, my mom and I would ride together on her bicycle (it was not meant for two people) to go to my grandma’s house for a visit.

One evening, I was back there just chilling, almost bored, and started staring off into space. As I look up to the sky, however, I noticed that this big, bright moon was following me everywhere we go throughout our little village.

When I turned left, the moon went left. When we turned to the right, it went right, too! Every time my mom and I would ride bikes to visit my grandma, the moon would follow.

‘’I must be special’’, I thought to myself. There are billions of people on this planet, but the moon CHOSE ME! The one and only me… It must mean that I am special. It must mean that there is a whole other world out there that it wants me to see.

It was at that moment that I decided, that I was made to do something special, and that I will follow my dream and not let anyone tell me otherwise. The moon that followed me and only me was my best-kept secret for years. It was years before I ever told anyone, and I treasured it deeply in my heart.

Because I knew I was meant for something more and was destined to leave my little mountain village for something more, I decided to teach myself English. I got a cassette player and some tapes and listened for years until I was ready to leave for America, taking my dream, and my moon, with me.

As a grownup, I of course understand now that the moon “follows” every single one of us — that this isn’t something all that special. However, I still choose to believe that it’s more. And I know that whatever my heart is taking me next, it will all be ok because the moon is always with me.

Today, if you are open to it, the moon chooses you too! Because if not now, WEN (when)? And if not you, then who?!

And now let me know friend, what inspired you to start your business? What gives you the faith/belief knowing that you can do it? Do you also have a best-kept secret?

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