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Lack of Competition Isn’t a Guarantee for Success

Lack of Competition Isn’t a Guarantee for Success. It's a Red Flag.

At first blush, lack of competition may seem like a blessing.

But don’t be fooled.

If there’s no one out there competing for your space, it probably means your growth potential is not very promising. Otherwise, why wouldn’t others try to get in on the goods?

The best pitch decks have great competition slides, because the best founders and CEOs:

✔️ Know the space—and everyone in it—very well.

✔️ Have taken the time to understand who their competitors are and how they will overcome them.

✔️ Are smart enough to know that even if it might seem like you don’t have competition, you do—you at least have competition for a budget.

Make sure your competition slide honestly explains the space you’re in, what you’re up against, and why you’re likely to succeed anyway.

What do you think of the competition slide below? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

Credit: Jason Lemkin via SaaStr

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