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How to Pivot with Unbreakable Faith

''When someone told me no, I said watch me.'' - Linda Ginac

In this INNW Interview, meet Linda, a fearless and passionate technology leader, CEO, and chairwoman of TalentGuard She always believes in human potential, and everyone deserves to be in a role where they’re appreciated, respected, while shining their own lights and unique talents to make an impact within their role.

In this episode, we discussed:

1. How to be fearless and turn down the dial in your head

2. How to build real confidence and not let other's biases get in your way

3. How to pivot in the midst of challenges and darkness

You can tune in to the show here:

-Apple Podcast:

Here is brief bio about Linda:

Throughout her career in talent management, CEO Linda Ginac has always believed that everyone deserves to be in a role where they’re appreciated, respected, and able to make the most of their passion and talents.

She founded TalentGuard in 2009 on the back of that belief while seeing the potential for technology to enhance the way companies and employees develop and utilize their skills.

Since then, TalentGuard has helped clients in every industry—from banking to biotech—uncover and foster the talent that lies within their organizations. Seeing them transform from the inside out to create happier employees, lower turnover rates and stronger bottom lines is the reward that will keep TalentGuard going for years to come.

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